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Project number: 2020-1-ES01-KA226-VET096058
Project Duration: 01.03.2021 – 31.08.2022

About the project

The main objective of the project was to improve the implementation of the insertion itineraries in which young people participate, who are often from demographic groups with some situation of social vulnerability such as youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, newly arrived immigrants with difficulties for cultural and linguistic adaptation, ethnic minorities, youth with economic difficulties, and other problems that may lead to social exclusion.

Overall Objective

As a response to the shortcomings of the current youth programmes, the looming increase of youth unemployment, the connected social exclusion of the most vulnerable youth and the need for more innovative digital practices in youth services, the partnership was propose to develop the digital Able4work App that facilitates the mentoring, guidance and contact between youth workers and NEETs and is a support tool to adapt more efficiently to the target groups’ needs. The COVID19 crisis makes this tool even more necessary as the current situation often restricts personal contacts and face-2-face support, leaving the most vulnerable youth on their own in an exceedingly difficult situation.

Target Groups

Target Group A:

youth workers who work as mentors/trainers with disadvantaged youths and NEETs, performing socio-labour integration programmes such as the Youth Guarantee Scheme or o Youth Employment Initiatives and offer support, advice, guidance and training for vulnerable youth

Target Group B:

youth between 18-35 years that are unemployed or NEETs, and are in some situation of social vulnerability such as youth with difficult social backgrounds, young women and mothers, newly arrived immigrants with low cultural and linguistic adaptation, ethnic minorities, etc.


The youth support programmes are implemented across the EU and the Able4Work toolkit App support now youth workers in all partner countries and all EU Member States in their important work and help the most vulnerable youths to find their way back into work or training. The COVID19 crisis makes it an even more urgent task in all Member States to include digital tools in youth support and thereby to improve the impact and effectiveness in all situations of Youth Guarantee schemes.

Specific objectives

The Able4work toolkit App are ready for:

  • combine career guidance and advice with digital gaming aspects
  • support the job search process that young people perform with the mentors in their individual process of job guidance
  • enforce that the youths themselves are the protagonists of their own job search process thus promoting the value of responsibility
  • promote the routine of active job search and internalisation of knowledge worked during individual sessions
  • allow digital interaction between youth and youth workers as well as scheduling and management of tasks
  • enable youth workers through a digital tool to improve the efficiency of their contact and control over the youth’s activities to find employment or training
  • reduce the dropout rate of young participants in the job search process.