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The overall purpose and tangible end-result of the Able4work toolkit App is the development of a digital support tool that improves the impact of the EU’s Youth support programmes and thereby plays an important part in the fight against Youth unemployment.


  • the online platform and the App are fully operational and free to use for youth workers, mentors and interested users
  • the App are freely available and fully operational at the App-stores for different mobile Operational Systems
  • mentors are trained in the usage of the App, and will use the App to implement their entire socio-labour insertion and training programmes, in a fully digital and distance learning way
  • young people has access to an App, that allow them to follow the different stages of the work inclusion itinerary in a digital way that is appealing through gaming elements
  • this App allow them to interact with their assigned social workers in a remote digital way, stay up to date regarding orientation activities and assignments with mentors, get notifications and alerts on upcoming training and job possibilities
  • the game form of the App attract and engage young people to reach all the objectives of their individual work itinerary, reduce currently high dropout rates and thereby make the Youth support programmes more successful and efficient
  • achieve a substantial improvement in the autonomy of young people at the end of a process of individual support in the active search for employment, either by achieving the objectives set in the work plan or inserting them into labour.

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